An IE Experience

Microsoft make me laugh:  This ‘IE experience’ works best in IE!?

Well if so that’s because you removed features for other browsers which is not the way the web should work.

We don’t cripple websites for IE, it does that all by itself. The reason we build things that work better outside of IE is not because we hate it (although, we do) but because we want the web to be cutting edge and IE just can’t support it like the rest can.

Stop embarrassing yourself with these IE experiences Microsoft and instead concentrate on regular browser updates which are capable of keeping up with the good browsers, maybe one day we’ll even grow to respect you.


  • are you sure they’re not just omitting features that only IE10 supports? there are quite a few -moz, -o and -webkit styles in there, and only a few exclusive -ms ones. IE10 looks like it might be very good TBH.

    • IE10 does look good but I doubt there is much (if anything) that IE9 can do that a webkit or mozilla browser can’t do.

  • (if I was less busy today I’d do more than just look at the source of the homepage for 2 minutes…)

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