Developer on a Diet

Developer on a Diet – Day 4


I’ve lost 11lbs and it’s only day 4! This fast is incredible.

It is surprising how much of a roller coaster this fast is becoming. I woke up this morning with a splitting headache and a very sore throat. My head felt fuzzy and honestly, If I’d had to leave the house for anything, I would have struggled immensely. Then I had my morning juice (pure orange again) and within about 20 minutes, I was fine! No sore throat, headache gone, mind still a little foggy but definitely functional again.

brothYesterday I discovered that vegetable broth (not just heated juice but actual broth) is allowed on the juice fast. This revelation made today oddly exciting as we rushed to the supermarket to buy our ingredients, we then spent most of the evening staring at our crock pot and waiting for our broth to finish cooking. The final result was unbelievably tasty – the best way to describe it was that it tasted like gravy, it was actually hard to believe there was no meat in it.

I still absolutely hate the taste and smell of vegetable juice and I am really not sure what I should do about it. As much as I love the broth, it is not as nutrient dense as the raw juice and I’m not sure that broth and fruit juice is going to be the healthiest way to get through this. To be completely honest, I’m giving myself until day 10. If I have not grown accustomed to the taste of vegetable juice by then, then I’m going to do the modified version of the reboot which will allow me to eat solid food again (although still only veggies). That way I can have a fruit juice in the morning, a salad for lunch and make a ratatouille or something similar for dinner. I’m pretty sure I can handle that for the remaining 20 days.

Here is the video. Catch you tomorrow!

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