Developer on a Diet

Developer on a Diet – Day 8


The juice fast has failed!

From tomorrow onward I will be switching to an alternate diet where I am allowed to eat food again, however I can only eat vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds. I will have one fruit juice a day in the morning as it’s an easier breakfast and it’s healthier than not having a breakfast at all.

My reasons for this are simple: Yesterday I felt like crap, today I felt worse. I had a meeting this afternoon and spent all of it feeling my stomach churn. I rushed to get home (which was delayed by a tube cancellation forcing me to get a bus from Shepherds Bush!) and when I finally did, I spent a good hour in the bathroom (that’s all the detail you need, trust me!).

I managed to muster up enough energy for the gym but didn’t stay there as long as I’d have liked as I needed to go to the toilet again and by this point I was really not feeling good at all. As the night wore on I started to feel quite sick, I also felt faint and got quite dizzy.

I did a bit of research on the matter and discovered that exercise on these diets, whilst recommended should not be intense workouts at all. The thing is, since joining the gym, I’ve been managing to regularly go 3, 4 sometimes even 5 days a week and it’s really starting to pay off, I feel a lot fitter as a result and I think that’s because I really go for it.

I know that I’d much rather have the long term benefits of regular exercise combined with healthy eating than the short term benefits and weight loss which comes from fasting.

I apologise to those who deem this “giving up”, I realise I HAVE given up on the juice fast but that’s simply because I’ve come to the conclusion that whilst it’s an amazing diet, it relies on you being able to get a taste for the vegetable juice and more importantly, feeling good on it. Apart from one day, I’ve felt like crap and every article I’ve read about juice fasts have said “listen to your body”, my body is telling me that this diet is not the way to go for me. It just doesn’t feel healthy anymore.

Having said that, I did manage to lose 16lb in 8 days, which is nothing short of incredible. As my diet is still going to be the healthiest it’s ever been for the remaining 32 days I expect to see even more weight loss happen over the course of it. I will still be posting my videos (although it will just be ‘Developer on a Diet now instead of the juice fast version), but it won’t be daily. I think that tracking my progress of a juice fast is interesting to those who are thinking of doing it but watching a guy just go on a diet for a month is significantly less interesting. For those who are interested in my journey though, I will be recording another video tomorrow and then one every five days from then until the last one on day 40.

Here is the last juice fast video!

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