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Developer on a diet – Day 10



I’m sorry I didn’t manage to post a video yesterday, as it was Valentines Day, I had a really busy (but fun!) day out with Colette and by the time I got home, I was too tired to go through the whole writing, recording, editing and posting business which each one of these blogs requires. So I’ve done the video today to make up for it.

So yesterday was the first time in 9 days that I had solid food and it was incredibly wonderful. As we were out on our days adventures, we stopped at a Subway and got ourselves a salad bowl each. A week ago, I would have scoffed at this and ordered a footlong steak and cheese but I was so surprised at how delicious and satisfying I found my salad.

IMG_0492On Friday night and some of today, I spent some time looking into the diet I had planned to do and discovered that there was a diet incredibly similar called ‘The Ketogenic Diet’. Basically the goal is to keep the body in a state of deep ketosis which is what causes fat burn in your body. If you are not in ketosis, the fat isn’t going to go anywhere.

I did read that on the Ketogenic Diet, I didn’t have to restrict my food to only fish and vegetables. I was also allowed to eat things like eggs, other meats, even things like cheese! I was most relieved to find I can drink milk again as whole, unhomogenised milk is one of my pleasures in life – of course I’m not allowed to accompany that milk with a bowl of cornflakes but that will be something for me to look forward to when the diet is over.

I have read that this diet is supposed to be a high-fat, low carb diet, which I’m not planning on doing. I still want to focus heavily on the vegetable nutrients side of the diet so I am going to vary the diet by imposing the following rules:

  1. Only chicken and fish is allowed as far as meat is concerned, if I do have beef it must be lean and it must be a very rare treat.
  2. Meat has to become the side-portion of my dish, at least 80 (or more preferably) of my meal should be comprised of vegetables.
  3. No fruit. I am allowed one glass of fruit juice in the morning but that’s it.
  4. No cheese. I love cheese and allowing me to add this to food is just asking for trouble.
  5. Milk is a treat – This one is related to the above, however I strongly believe that unhomogenised whole milk is good for you (I’d drink it raw too if I could get my hands on some). Of course it’s also got a lot of fat so I don’t want to have this daily. Maybe once a week or so.

Also I’ve discovered that sweetcorn isn’t something I can really eat on the Ketogenic diet, this was something I didn’t know when I ate my salad, so that snuck in as a naughty treat but now I’ve had that, there will be no more sweetcorn until the diet is over – this is a damn shame as to my newly rebooted tastebuds, sweetcorn tastes divine.

As I promised in my video, I came across a few handy links on my research and I have posted them here for your pleasure.

and here is the video!



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