Developer on a Diet

Developer on a Diet – Day 16


This is the easiest diet, EVER!

There are so few restrictions that it doesn’t even feel like much of a diet. Basically the rules are that you have to stay in ketosis pretty much all the time and that’s it.

Getting into ketosis is as simple as eating between 15g and 50g of net carbs (see below) a day and no more (sources vary on this and this figure is the average I worked out, some say that 30g is the maximum – all seem to agree that the lower the carb amount the faster you will reach ketosis). Some people (particularly those who work out a lot) can get away with upto 100g of carbs a day but for starters it’s good to stick to the lower amount. You can get these carbs from anywhere you like but as 30grams of carbs doesn’t go very far if you don’t get them from veg, I’d still avoid the breads and pastas.

One thing I should point out is that it’s quite easy to confuse what is/isn’t allowed on this diet. I have to check the internet pretty much every day and even then it’s not always 100% clear. For example, on Friday I read an article which stated that ice cream was allowed on the diet, provided it had quite a low carb count. This was a revelation to me so I went to Tesco and scoured the carb count on all the backs and then over the next 2 days I scarfed down a pint of Vanilla Häagen-Dazs feeling smug that I was eating one of my favourite foods with no consequences. The next day I tested my ketosis level and found I was no longer in ketosis! What I didn’t realise – and what the website didn’t make clear – was that there is actually low-carb ice cream and regardless of how low the carb count of regular ice cream is, it’s still not low-carb unless it is stated as such. As a result, I had to practically kill myself at the gym and be extra strict with myself to get back into ketosis, which I just about am now.

As there isn’t much that really changes day-t0-day on this diet and as it doesn’t really feel like a diet, doing the video every 5 days seems a little redundant, I found on this one that I had very little to say. So you can expect my next video in around 10 days.

Here is a website which was useful when I started this diet.

Here is my video.

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