Developer on a Diet

Developer on a Diet – Day 29

Tomorrow would have been the last day of the juice fast. Am I disappointed that I didn’t stick it out? Maybe a little because I believe I’d have seen a faster result with my weight loss, however after losing over 20lb and almost 10% of my body fat in the space of a month, I can’t really complain too much. Failing at the juice diet caused me to discover the Ketogenic diet, which I am starting to believe may be the start of a new lifestyle for me.

I actually spoke to a doctor about the diet this week and she suggested that the Juice diet can cause spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels and whilst a good idea for some, is definitely not for everyone and that (provided I follow it correctly) the Ketogenic diet is a much better option for me. She has suggested I have some blood tests done to check my Cholesterol levels (amongst other things) and it will be interesting to see those results, it’s unlikely I’ll have the results back before the end of this series but I will record a follow up video in a few months which will have those details.

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