100 Healthy Days: Week 5 Journal

Day 29:

Today was my only ‘Eat whatever the hell I like’ day this week and boy did I stock up for it. Yesterday I bought Pop Tarts, Cornflake bites, a box of Maltesers, a big bar of Cadbury’s Caramel and a bag of popcorn.

A lunch I had some pasta with tinned mince and then for dinner I had my first proper (i.e. not accidental) cheat meal when I ordered a doner meat pizza and a portion of chips.

I’ve had days like this before, I call them ‘single geek’ days and they hark back to the days where I watched films or played computer games all day and gorged myself on sugar, carbs and fat until I felt sick.

Today was something of a revelation, it seems that those days are now officially behind me as I did not enjoy it at all.

The ‘day on the sofa’ got boring halfway through the second film (I had 3 films planned for today, ‘The Breakfast Club’, ‘Inception’ and ‘School of Rock’) I did actually manage to finish Inception as lets face it, it’s a fantastic film but it took me nearly all day as I kept getting up to do things that were productive.

Food wise, I didn’t eat the chips save but about 6-7, I did eat all the pizza but I kind of felt like I was forcing it down by the end. I think I ate it more out of habit than actual desire and as for the sugary treats, I had 2 pop tarts for breakfast, ate the cornflake bites just before lunch and the rest is still in the cupboard to be eaten in moderation at some point in the future.

I am really shocked by this as ‘gorging’ is something I’ve done my entire adult life (and for many of my teenage years) even only a few months ago I could have (and probably did) quite easily have consumed the lot of it. I’d have gone to bed feeling sick and bloated but I’d have enjoyed every moment of it.

Today, I ate a fraction of it and can’t say it was even that amazing. I honestly don’t see me ever doing a day like that again and not because I’m restricting myself in any way but because I genuinely don’t think I want to.

I guess I’m growing up!

Day 30:

Ye gods, talk about a food hangover!

I got about 3 1/2 hours sleep last night as I felt bloated and ‘greasy’, I woke up this morning with incredibly bad acid and although I am still going to have my active day, I really don’t feel like it.

I honestly think I’m over junk food days.

Breakfast is back to my regular yoghurt and a coffee.

I went on my hike but it was really boring. We live in a part of England which is very close to some beautiful countryside but it’s not as close as it seems. I jumped on a train to the next town over and tried to find a nice, country walk which would lead me home. I got about 20 minutes of countryside and then just under an hour of walking next to an A road. Ah well, at least I got the exercise.

The rest of the day was actually pretty lazy. The acid not only persisted but worsened quite a lot during the day so even though I still ate, I ate very lightly, I think between breakfast and bedtime I had 3 small sandwiches. I spent the rest of the day on the sofa watching films. Turns out that the new Ghostbusters movie doesn’t deserve the bad rap that it got.

Colette went out for a drink with a friend so I continued my sofa-plans by having a Doctor Who marathon. The acid prevented me from snacking but didn’t stop me from feeling hungry, which after a few hours seemed to make the acid worse so I woke up at 1am and decided to have a small bowl of cornflakes with real milk to attempt to ‘soak it up’. My plan seemed to work as I am sure I got to sleep quite quickly after that.

Day 31:

Back to work today and in the office. I’m glad I had a few days off but I’m more glad that I’m back at work. I did start to get super-bored.

Usual office-day breakfast although I wasn’t that hungry so I only had half of my porridge and coffee. My new glasses have arrived too so I expect once my brain has adjusted to them, I should start to notice a bit of difference in myself.

Bugger. The acid reflux is back. Not as bad as yesterday thankfully but it’s definitely still kicking me around a bit. I was going to go get a vegetable curry for lunch but I suspect the spicy food might kill me. Maybe I’ll go get a noodle soup or something instead.

I got a hoisin duck wrap, it eased it a bit but didn’t take it away. Left work a little bit early and grabbed a Cornish pasty on the way home for an early dinner. I hoped that the stodge¬†of it would help with the acid (at least that’s what I told myself – really I was just craving beef). Surprisingly though, it worked like a charm and I’ve not felt a tiny bit of acid since.

Early dinner meant I was pretty hungry by 8pm, so I had a small bowl of cornflakes and then a bit of an early night.

Day 32:

For some reason my body is repulsed by the thought of coffee this morning, don’t really fancy a cup of tea yet either. Maybe later, a yoghurt will tide me over for now.

Not had much of an appetite today. Had a fish finger sandwich for lunch and drank 1/2 a cup of tea.

It’s occurred to me that I’m failing a little bit at the whole ‘plant based’ thing. Whilst I’ve drastically cut down on my meat and my portion sizes have dropped I still don’t think I’m really getting in enough veg. Going to have to work on that one.

Did a veggie roast for dinner with a ton of greens, we had brocoli, kale, cabbage, carrots, leeks and roast potatoes. I made a vegetarian gravy which honestly tasted as good as my usual chicken gravy and then the ‘roast’ part was a Quorn ‘joint’. The joint had the texture of meat and it DID taste like meat, if you’d given me it and told me it was meat I’d have believed you but I’d assume it was a cheap, heavily processed cut. It didn’t taste bad but I’m not quite sure I can say it tasted good. Maybe we’ll go for a nut roast next time.

Day 33:

This morning I decided I didn’t fancy a yoghurt so I attempted to make some sugar-free pancakes using a banana instead of sugar. They sort of worked but I think the banana was a little too fresh as they didn’t taste very sweet at all. Quite disappointing really.

Went for a walk at lunch to Sainsbury’s. Stopped of at the cafe and got steak pie with lots of veggies. Didn’t really have much of a purpose at Sainsbury’s just wanted to do my walk so I bought a few household things and walked back.. just in time to get caught in the rain.

We spent the evening watching the Lego Batman movie, which was hilarious. Food-wise I had some spaghetti with minced beef and onion. I made it with about half as much pasta as I usually do and I must admit, I still felt nicely full at the end.

Day 34:

Started the day with a lie-in then we went to a local cafe for some breakfast, I had a potato-cake with spinach and poached egg. I REALLY wanted eggs and bacon but I wasn’t willing to use up a cheat meal. Kinda wish I had done now though as the breakfast was awful.

Went to Costco today, which was a huge mistake as we got stuck in traffic, when we got there they didn’t have most of the stuff we wanted so we’re not impressed, we also managed to destroy one of our car tires on the way home so all in all, not a great start to the day.

The afternoon was spent eating chicken wings with salad and watching TV with my wife though so the day still finished incredibly well plus we did our first seven minute workout which was exhausting but almost certainly worth it.

Day 35:

Another lie-in, I think we must have been tired. Colette decided to make breakfast this morning, she chose a recipe for sugar-free coconut and cocoa pancakes. Sadly they didn’t taste that great but it wasn’t a big deal as neither of us were particularly hungry so we just skipped breakfast and lunch.

We spent most of the afternoon just pottering about, we didn’t feel much like going out plus with our punctured tire, we couldn’t get that far anyway. I decided to go for a short walk to the shops and got some ingredients for dinner which was a slow-cooked bean and Quorn chilli which again, surprised me how similar it tasted to my usual beef chilli. I slightly made up for not eating anything else prior that day by having two servings and then a couple of pop tarts.

All in all, not a bad weekend!

Health Check


This week Last Week Week 0
Weight 245lbs 246.4lbs 250lbs
Body fat 35.3% 34.9% 36%
Muscle Mass 30.7% 30.9% 33.3%
Visceral Fat 20 20 21
Blood glucose 4.5mmol/L 6mmol/L 4.7

So I’ve finally hit the 5lb weight loss mark, which means I’m actually on track with a weight loss goal of 1lb a week. The trick with this is to not get disheartened, in previous diets I’ve really been disappointed at how slow weight loss is and I’ve attempted to speed it up by doing stupid things. As this isn’t a ‘diet’ as such and more a new plan for living, I think 1lb a week is probably a sensible goal.

I was surprised to see though that my body fat has gone up and my muscle mass has gone down, that must mean that I only lost water weight and muscle mass. However as Colette and I have started our daily workout now, hopefully that means next week will see a different result.


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