100 Healthy Days: Week 6 Journal

Day 36:

Woke up with a dodgy stomach this morning, perhaps that chilli was too spicy. I’m not wasting it though, it was far too tasty. I’ll just have to toughen up.

Still not really in a coffee-mood. Knowing my brain it’s because I read an article suggesting that one coffee a day is good for you and now I’m subconsciously rebelling against doing something healthy. Just had a yoghurt for breakfast. Maybe I’ll have a coffee later if I fancy one.

OK now I fancy a coffee, I feel knackered! I think I’ve worked out why I’m feeling tired so much during the week though. When I’m working at home I spend all my time either sitting in my office with the curtains closed or in my living room – with the curtains closed. My preference for sitting in the dark is perhaps not the best thing for my mental health or my circadian rhythms so I’ve decided to let the horrible light in for the good of my brain.

I’ve noticed recently that my appetite has massively decreased, I was peckish at lunch but I never really reached the usual hunger that I feel at around this point. In fact the idea of something heavy was quite off-putting so I had a small amount of chilli with a handful of chopped salad and now I’m stuffed. This is a very good development as I think one of my main issues in the past has been portion control.

The curtain opening master plan is already taking effect, I feel more motivated and alert than I did only a few hours ago. It is possible that I’m feeling the effects of the coffee but it doesn’t usually make this much of a difference.

I’ve had a productive afternoon with (so far) no slump! I’ve still only had the one coffee too so I’m definitely attributing this to sitting in a light room. I’m sure I’ll stop hissing at the sunlight soon too and then everything will be hunky dory.

Ate a Nutrigrain bar as I did actually feel quite hungry but didn’t want to have my dinner just yet (it’s only 6pm). That filled me up a surprising amount, my stomach has definitely shrunk.

Ended up having another bowl of Chilli (with rice this time) for dinner at around 8pm. Found myself hungry again just before bed though so had a cucumber sandwich.

Day 37:

In London today so the usual office breakfast. Didn’t end up eating most of the porridge though and had a smaller coffee. Just don’t have the appetite I used to have.

Lunch was a steak pie and mash from Eat. I was going to have a vegetarian day but that pie was calling to me.

The day ended with more chilli although this time I fancied it with chips and a few slices of bread. Maybe not as healthy as usual but I felt like I bit of a treat day. Plus I was still well within my calorie goals.

OK went a bit off the rails after dinner and also had 6 chocolate digestives.

Day 38:

I realised yesterday I couldn’t think of anything worth posting to instagram and that’s not the first time that happened. Fact is, being healthy – whilst great for me – just isn’t that exciting or photo-worthy. Plus I usually forget to take a picture whilst in the middle of doing whatever healthy thing I was doing. Yesterday for example all I could have posted would have been yet another fitbit screenshot showing that I got all of my steps. I think I’m going to stop posting daily instagram photos. This journal does a better job of covering my progress anyway.

Woke up this morning with a lot more energy than usual. In fact as soon as I got up, I did my 7 minute workout. HIIT always makes me feel a bit sick for about 20 mins so I didn’t really fancy breakfast, I’m definitely back on the coffee though.

My brain still hasn’t caught up to my new, smaller appetite. I just made a full pack of tortellini for lunch and my god that was too much food. I’m so full! I guess I’m going to have to try to start being more mindful when cooking now.

I never had an energy drop today. In fact after work I built a new unRaid server and even started learning how to write GraphQL queries until Colette got home.

Had a delicious Katsu curry for dinner along with a cup of tea and 6 chocolate digestives.

Day 39:

Had a fractured night’s sleep. Fitbit tells me that I still got 5 1/2 hours but it felt like a lot less, I guess it’s my own fault for having caffeine in the evening. I did wake up to a lovely surprise though, Colette was still here. It’s not that I expected her to run off in the middle of the night and no, she hadn’t overslept. She had decided to work from home to get our car tire fixed so I get to spend the full day with her (albeit in separate rooms whilst we both do our work).

Bit of a naughty breakfast, a coffee and 4 chocolate digestives.

Lunch was chicken wings and corn on the cob and we started to watch a documentary called ‘In defence of food’, started well but we’re only 30 mins in so far.

The afternoon dragged. I’m writing some fairly advanced smoke tests for work and also┬átrying to do some maintenance on my unRaid server which resulted in a slightly fried brain. Plus I’m unusually hungry, I’ve not really had this much of an appetite for at least 10 days.

Dinner was a roast chicken. Couldn’t be bothered to roast one myself, plus as it’s only me eating it, I didn’t see the point. So I bought a rotiserrie chicken and some veggies from Sainsbury’s. I also made myself a gravy but I over-spiced it and it wasn’t all that nice. The rest was tasty though. I also had a small piece of apple pie with custard for desert.

That documentary was really good and echos some of the things I’ve thought about myself lately. It’s three points were:

  • Eat Food (as in, real food, not processed shite)
  • Mostly plants (They don’t advocate veggie or vegan diets but they do think a diet should be plant-based)
  • Not too much (They say that portion sizes are one of the main issues around obesity today)

This is encouraging as it’s the sort of way of living I am attempting to progress to during this 100 days. I feel like I’m already half way there as my processed food as dropped dramatically (the only processed stuff I eat regularly now is Quorn) and although I do still eat meat, my meals are rarely meat-based these days and I can actually have vegetarian days now without even realising that I did that.

Day 40:

I woke up tired this morning, my Fitbit tells me I got enough sleep so not sure what the issue is. Didn’t fancy a hot drink or any food really but I still had a yoghurt just so I don’t pig out at lunch as there is a lot in the fridge and I know what I’m like.

Lunch was kind of a mini roast, I made some gravy but I didn’t over spice it this time, I also added a few handfuls of frozen peas and the rest of the chicken (now shredded) directly to the gravy pan. I then cooked some Yorkshire puddings and then stuffed them with the contents of the pan and then topped them with the leftover mashed potato. Stuck it all back in the oven for ten minutes and I had a fantastic little roast. It was delicious.

Ok, energy issues seem to have gone, I fancied a bath so I jumped in a really hot one and when I got out, poof! No more wooziness. I only had lunch about 2 hours ago though so it’s hard to say if the bath woke me up or the food is starting to hit my system.

Colette got home at around 6pm and we jumped straight in the car, we are spending the weekend in Hull with my folks and we decided to get a head start on the journey by setting off tonight.

The car journey took forever, we ended up stopping at a service station for dinner and I had scampi and chips although I only ate about 10 chips as they were pretty bland, even with salt.

Day 41:

Never had breakfast, we stayed in a hotel last night and decided we’d skip breakfast and just have a brunch at my folks. When we got to the supermarket to get the stuff we wanted we decided that an afternoon tea would be a lot more fun to do, so we got the stuff for that instead.

The afternoon tea was lovely, I had a scone and a few cucumber and salmon sandwiches. It was such a nice afternoon playing badminton and having a laugh with my family.

I cooked a roast for dinner, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet too much but I’ve been told by multiple people that my roast chicken is their favourite meal of all time so let’s just say it was an enjoyable dinner.

We spent the evening playing cards and getting a little bit drunk on wine. It was a wonderful day all-in-all.

Day 42:

If there was ever a good excuse for a cheat meal, it’s my Mum and Dad’s fry-up. So I accepted the cheat and had an amazing full-english. I must admit, after weeks of not eating pork, the bacon was amazing but the sausages – to my surprise – were not, I actually prefer Quorn ones now!

We left at lunch in order to not hit too much traffic, we spent the journey home chatting and listening to our audiobook, we found that the fry-up was filling enough to last us all day so we never really ate anything (save for a handful of cherries) all the way home.

At dinner, we still were not that hungry so Colette made us a bean burger each, it wasn’t that delicious but it was filling enough.

Health Check

This week Last Week Week 0
Weight 245lbs 245lbs 250lbs
Body fat 35.7% 35.3% 36%
Muscle Mass 30.5% 30.7% 33.3%
Visceral Fat 20 20 21
Blood glucose 4.6mmol/L 4.5mmol/L 4.7

No weight loss this week, although I’m attributing that to the weekend, visiting my parents never results in eating lightly as a) there is always a lot of food at my parents and b) we end up on the road for at least 10 hours which nearly always results in eating at a service station.

I’ve disappointed myself a bit this week. The ‘daily workout’ that we planned to start actually only resulted in 3 workouts. This week I’ve dug out my old kettle bell so I’m going to try to do some kettle bell workouts. I’m determined to make that muscle mass figure green next week.

Care to chime in?